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Dear Bacon

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Dear Bacon,

It’s over this time. I mean it. I’ve had enough of the promises to be good only to realize later how bad you’ve really been to me. I don’t need you anymore. My priorities are coming into focus and you are no longer on the list.

My ass has grown along with my insecurities since we have been together while my zest for life has waned. My pants are giving in to my extracurricular noshings, ripping in places no girl wants them to rip. I am so tired of seeing my reflection in the mirror after we have been together.

You are no good for me. You wreak havoc on my image and self worth. I confess I used to love you. I did so many amazing things with you before I knew how bad you could be to me.

I’m on to other things now that I love like running, painting, reading and kayaking. Things that feed my soul and nourish my heart. I don’t want to see you anymore. I cannot handle the temptation, your smell, or the disgust I feel after we have been together. My lapse in judgement is not your fault, it is mine to bear. The temptation is too great until I am at peace with myself. I promise, when I do see  yu again, I will behave. I will not devour you. I will hold it together. I can get over you in time and perhaps there even may be a place in my life for you, where we both can be happy and have a healthy relationship. Until then…goodbye.




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